Holistic Nutrition Approach

Holistic Nutrition Approach

***Holistic Nutrition Approach In a perfect world, your weight and your body’s fat percentage could be controlled simply and easily by monitoring the calories you consume and the calories you burn. Consume more than you burn and you gain weight and increase your fat. Burn more than you consume, and the fat disappears and the weight comes off. But your body is a machine, just like a car is a machine.

In a perfect world, you could put gas in your car and it would perform perfectly. Since most of us understand praca w danii kierowca ce cars better than we do our own bodies, let’s consider the following parameters: – would your car work the same whether you put 85 octane in or 95 octane? – what if your spark plugs were dirty and your fuel filter and carburetors clogged? – what if your car had super dirty oil, no oil, or pomoc kuchenna norwegia – classifieds.exponentialhealth.coop – a clogged oil filter? We can ask the same questions about your body: – would your body work the same whether you ate low nutrition density calories or high density?

If you cherished this article and you would like to collect more info regarding praca w Danii kierowca Ce i implore you to visit our web site. – what if your body were lacking the necessary antioxidants, botanicals, vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed for efficient and maximal metabolism? – what if your kidneys, liver and lymphatic system were clogged? I think we all know that we can get a new car, put cheap gas in it and it’ll run fine…. for awhile. But what happens with that car if we never change the oil or take it in for a tune up? We all know that we have to brush our teeth, wash our hair, and clean our skin, usually on at least a daily basis… But why do most of think we can eat poor quality food and ingest toxins and still have our bodies (our machine) still function at maximum efficiency?

Just like a car, when our bodies are stressed and not working as well as they should, the solution isn’t just a matter of filling the tank with some high test gasoline (nutrition). We need to make sure the fuel and oil filters are clear, the spark plugs are clean and producing a good spark, and the oil is circulating and keeping everything sufficiently lubed. And just to be perfectly clear, how far are you going to get if you buy a brand new car, but when you try and drive it off the lot you learn that this new car doesn’t come with a battery!

A car may be comprised of 1000 pieces. 999 of those pieces may be brand new, but how functional is that car if it is missing just that one piece? This is the same with our diet. Certainly we need proper, high quality nutrition (protein, carbohydrates, and fats). But we also need to ensure our systems of cleansed of toxins and we also have a sufficient level of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to ensure our bodies can make the best use of that nutrition.