How To Work With Airprint On Windows Tips And Tricks

How To Work With Airprint On Windows Tips And Tricks

How To Work With Airprint On Windows? Tips And Tricks The emergence of wireless technology has become a fad. This has been the case because besides the fact that it’s convenient, it’s also exciting. Who wouldn’t be thrilled when you can surf the net anywhere in the world and now, you can print your files without even connecting your computer to the printer with the use of nettlesome cables, or installing and configuring printer drivers on your computer repeatedly.

If we are enjoying the power of wireless web surfing, today, there’s so much reason to be happy, as wireless printing has come to life. And when we talk about wireless printing, today, it only means one thing: the AirPrint. AirPrint is a service that allows you to print documents, emails, web contents and photos wirelessly over a Wi-Fi connection. You can do it by sending your files directly to printers—given you’re on the same Wi-Fi connection—to do their print job.

Although AirPrint works only with Apple iOS device and with a few HP printers, today, the rant among Windows users has been silenced. Now, Windows (Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP) users can also enjoy it. But how does this work on Windows? Here are tips you might find helpful in enabling AirPrint service on Windows. Before you can set it up on Windows, a few requirements must be made first. When you liked this post and you want to be given guidance regarding szwecja praca ( generously go to our website. iTunes 10.1, which can be directly downloaded from Apple must be installed on your computer.

Network printer sharing must be enabled on your computer. And make sure that you have all the administrative privileges to enable/disable services on your computer. And remember that Airprint wireless printing is only possible if you’re within the same Wi-Fi connection—that is your device and the printer used. When all of the requirements are done, you may now install the AirPrint extension on your PC. There are a few different installers you can find in the web today.

There’s a simple from Javox. There’s Elpamsoft AirPrint Installer, and others. Once an AirPrint installer is downloaded and file is extracted, run the .exe file. And installation is ready to go. In case a Firewall is run on your computer, set AirPrint for Windows to Allow access. Once setup is done, try printing a document (considering both devices are under the same Wi-Fi connection). Although the process of setting up AirPrint on your PC differs depending on your installer, setting it up is not a problem as most installers come with simple instructions.

And while it used to be very difficult to find in the net tips on how to work such service on Windows, now, you can just type AirPrint on Windows on your browser and you’ve got all the control over wireless printing.